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To give the best service at a reasonable cost. We believe that as our company grows that customer service should grow as well & to earn the trust of our clients by providing a superior service at a great rate.


     chkmark8Jenni's Story

I learned how to clean from my mother. I had a lot of energy and whenever she got tired of my boredom or running about she put me to work chopping wood or cleaning. I’ve always been very tidy and liked everything in its proper place. I can remember this since I was a toddler. I secretly thought that the kitchen should be cleaner than my mother made it sooo I did it myself! I loved the praise this got me but resented the fact that I seemed to earn the chore of doing dishes most of the time. When I’d clean anywhere else in the house it was never good enough. I learned to notice every piece of dust and cob web. I’d have to do the room all over again if anything was missed; it didn’t matter if it needed the whole thing done again or not.

I did some house sitting in the early nineties after moving back home and always left the homes clean. I don’t like to sit still and loved the praise I got. One couple hired me in 1994 (as a side job) after a house sitting stint and I’m still cleaning their home every other week! 

I worked with my father for 4 years doing repairs in people’s homes. He taught me to be punctual: call if you think you might be one (yes.. one) minute late. Call the evening before to let the customer know you’ve got them on the schedule and go over any last minute ideas, questions, or suggestions. We always took off our shoes to enter peoples homes and they loved that. I learned my great work ethic from my father. He taught me to think about something before diving into the project and to treat my tools with respect; always use the proper tool for the job. Buy one if you need it and take care of it. I also learned the value of word of mouth. Our customers loved us because my father always had me clean the area every time we left the job site spic and span. Many customers remarked that Jenni was in the wrong business and to let us know when I started cleaning homes full time!
I took our customers advice and started my own company and I have been in business for over 12 years now.

Jennifer Guevara

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